HSI Reference Manual

This manual is organized to make it easy for you to find what you're looking for.

The sidebar on the right contains links to each of the sections in the manual.

Sections are as follows:

Introduction:  Gives a brief description of HSI

Authentication Methods: Describes the various authentication methods that are available at compile time (for the HSI Administrator), and at run time (by the HSI / HTAR user).

HSI Command Line:  Describes the options that are available on the HSI command line, and "interactive" vs. "one-liner" mode

FTP Compatibility/Differences: Describes the similarities between commonly-used FTP commands, and, perhaps more importantly, the differences in the syntax for GET and PUT commands.

Path Names: Describes the syntax for renaming files for GET and PUT commands
Using PIPEs for Input/Output: Describes how to use HSI in a shell pipeline, and shows the syntax for reading from STDIN and writing to STDOUT

HSI Keywords: Discusses the use of keywords (key=value) in HSI for the current session, or for the duration of a single command, and gives a table of the valid keywords.

Customizing the HSI Prompt: Describes how to customize the HSI prompt string for interactive use, and shows a list of available metacharacters for the prompt string.

HSI Commands:  Alphabetical List: This is a table of HSI Commands, organized alphabetically.  Each command is a link to the page for that command.

HSI Commands By Function: This is a table of HSI Commands, organized by the general function (listing, transferring files, etc.).  Each command is a link to the page for that command.

Using HSI with multiple HPSS systems:  Describes how to use HSI to connect concurrently to multiple HPSS systems. It describes the use of logical drive syntax for referencing directories on the different connections, and the syntax for performing 3rd party copies between HPSS systems.

HSI Environment Variables: Provides a list of the environment variables that can be used  with HSI, and describes each of the settings.

HPSS.conf settings (Client): Provides a list of the HPSS.conf settings that are used by HSI and HTAR to select network interfaces, and to set network tuning options such as send/receive socket buffer sizes.

HSI Special Topics - Tricks and Tips: Describes some non-obvious ways in which to accomplish various functions using HSI.

HSI Command Reference: Provides a separate page describing each of the HSI commands, including their syntax, aliases,keywords and a description of their options.  Examples are provided, as well as links to related commands.