Customizing the HSI Prompt

The default HSI prompt string ("? " for the initial line, and "> " for continuation lines) may be customized by setting the "PS1" and "PS2" keywords, or by specifying the PS1 and PS2 settings in the global or private hsirc files.  

For example, setting the strings as follows: 

    PS1 = "%d[%H]%w3->" 
    PS2 = "[%H]continue: "

would produce a prompt string similar to this for the initial prompt: 


and a prompt similar to this for continuation lines: 


Within a prompt string, characters are copied literally, except for substitutable parameters of the form %x, where x is one of the following:

•  C .... DCE Cellname (currently recognized, but unused)

c .... current connection ID

d .... current logical drive ID in the form A:

D .... system date in yyyy/mm/dd format

h .... canonical hostname for current connection

H .... remote HPSS hostname for current connection

I .... remote HPSS IP address for current connection

L .... current login principal

s .... site name (non-DCE version)

N .... current command number (1:N)

T .... system time in hh:mm:ss format

W .... current HPSS working directory for connection, with optional number of directory paths specified by numeral following the %W

wn.... current HPSS working directory, with "..." substitution in long directory paths

                n is the number of directories to try to display on the right if the prompt is 

                truncated to promptlen characters

% ....  % character