CHOWN Command

HSI Version: 



Change owner for HPSS nodes



Command Format: 

chown [ -h ] [ -R ] Owner[:|.Group ] path ...


-h* : Changes the ownership of an encountered symbolic link and not that of the file or directory pointed to by the symbolic link. This applies to all files/directories encountered during recursion if the -R option is specified. *Note: this option, if specified, currently causes symbolic links to be ignored with a warning message, as HPSS does not provide the capability to change the ownership of a symlink.

-R : Descends directories recursively, changing the ownership for each file. When a symbolic link is encountered and the link points to a directory, the ownership of that directory is changed but the directory is not further transversed.

Owner: a username or UID found in the DCE registry.

Group: optional group name or GID found in the DCE registry. If this form is used, there must not be whitespace between the Owner and Group names. Either ":" or "." may be used, e.g. owner:group or 



Usage Notes: 

The required parameter `ownername' refers to login names as known to the HPSS system, not to local usernames (except by coincidence). The HPSS list of usernames is maintained by the HPSS system administrator. 

The -R option can be used to recursively change the ownership of all nodes within a directory tree. 


chown -R nastran /usr/local/Nastran

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