COSID Keyword

HSI Version: 



Set HPSS Class of Service to be used for PUT and CP commands 



Keyword Format: 

COS[ID] = numeric cosid or


COS[ID] = auto





Usage Notes: 

numeric cosid can be any value that is defined for the site (use the LSCOS command to obtain a list of valid IDs for the current connection). If auto is specified (this is the default setting), HSI will automatically select the Class of Service based upon the number of copies (see the COPIES keyword), the file size, and the UID, GID, and Account ID. The HPSS administrator may optionally restrict access to certain Classes of Service to particular users or groups, and any that the user is prohibited from using are marked with "N" in the LSCOS output. 


1. Set automatic COS selection for the session 


cos = auto; put myfile 


2. Override the session COS setting for the current command 


put cos=20 myfile


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