EXPDEL Command

HSI Version: 6.0.0.p4 and beyond

Purpose: Delete any File Expiration time that is set for the specified file(s)


Command Format: 

  expel[ete] [-A] [-R] path ...


 -A : If specified, displays absolute pathnames for files whose expiration time is deleted.  Default is to display relative pathnames.

-R : If specified, recursively deletes expiration times for files contained in subdirectories.



Usage Notes: 

  • HPSS administrators may disable the file expiration feature; if so, this command will have no effect.
  • HPSS administrators may also restrict the use of this command.


Recursively remove expiration time for all files that match the pattern “oldfile?”, such asr

       oldfilea oldfileb oldfilec 

 and for files contained in subdir1 and all of its subdirectories.

expde -R oldfile? subdir1

Related Command(s): 

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