EXPLS Command

HSI Version: 6.0.0.p4 and beyond

Purpose: List expiration time for the specified file(s)



Command Format: 

  expls[-A] [-R] [-v] path ...


 -A : If specified, displays absolute pathnames for files.  Default is to display relative pathnames.

-R : If specified, recursively list expiration times for files contained in subdirectories.

-v : Verbose mode.  If specified, additional information (owner, group, time that expiration was set) are displayed.



Usage Notes: 

  • If no path(s) are specified, files in the current directory are listed.
  • HPSS administrators may disable the file expiration feature; if so, this command will have no effect.


Recursively  list expiration time for all files that end  in  “*.o”

    lsexp *.o

 Recursively list expiration times for files contained in /pub/project1 and all of its subdirectories.

Use verbose mode in order to to see the owner and group.

    expls -Rv /pub/project1

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