GIVE Command

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Give HPSS file(s) from one HPSS user to another.

Files are copied to a spool area designated by the HSI Administrator, and owned by the destination user. There is a separate subdirectory in the spool area destination user, and a separate subdirectory for each "giver" within the destination user's directory.

Files that have been given to a different user can be listed (-l option) or removed by the original giver (-u option). The destination user must current issue a "mv" or "rename" command to move the file(s) from the spool area to a different directory that they have write access to.

The path to the global spool area is defined in a configuration file at each site, if this feature is enabled; contact the site's HSI administrator to obtain the pathname to the global spool area.



Command Format: 

give [-f] [-q] destuser filelist

give [-l | -n] destuser [filelist]

give -u destuser [filelist]

The first form copies [or re-copies, with -f] all the files in filelist to destuser's spool area
The second form lists files that have been given to destuser that are still in the spool area
The third form unlinks files from the giver for destuser that still exist in the spool area


  destuser : numeric user ID or user Name to which files will be given

  -f : force overwrite - files with conflicting names will be overwritten

  -h : help - prints help for this command

  -l : list the files that have been given to destuser. If filelist is specified, restrict the list to the files in filelist

  -n : like the -l option, except use a narrow list format

  -q : quiet mode - suppress normal output about files that are copied

  -u : option - causes files in destuser's spool area, from this user, to be unlinked.

  filelist : a space-delimited list of one or more files to be copied.



Usage Notes: 

  • Subdirectory paths are NOT created in the spool area

  • Wildcard patterns for filenames in the spool directory [e.g.for the '-u' option] are NOT currently expanded

  • The give command currently does not copy files between HPSS subsystems.

  • For symbolic links in filelist, the link contents are used as the file path

  • This command is only available when communicating with an HPSS server. It is not available in the non-HPSS gateway


  1. Give files F1 - F3 to user bob
    give F[1-3] bob
  2. List files given to user bob by this user
    give -l bob
  3. Un-give file F2 that was previously given to user bob
    give -u bob F2
  4. Un-give all files that were previously given to user bob
    give -u bob

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