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Create checksum hash for existing HPSS file(s)



Command Format:

hashcr[eate] [-A] [-C] [-F on|off] [-H type,] [-h] [-N] [-R] [-S] [-T on|off ] path … [<<MARKER]...


-A : enable auto-scheduling of retrievals for files that live on tape.

-C: cache purge option. If specified, purge files from HPSS disk cache after a successful hash create. Purging files from disk cache can help to optimize the use of this global HPSS resource when the files are not going to be fetched again for a long time.

-F on|off explicitly use or disable Local File Mover I/O, overriding the settings based upon file size and the global enable/disable flag from the hsirc file

-H type set case-insensitive checksum hash type to use (none,sha1,sha224,sha256,sha384,sha512, md5, crc32, adler32 (overrides hsirc and compile time options)

-h: symlink option. If specified, ignores HPSS symlink. If not set, reads through HPSS symlinks when reading files.

-N: disable auto-scheduling of retrievals (inverse of option -A). The normal default is to enable auto-scheduling in order to optimize tape mounts and tape positioning.

-R : [standard option]recursively create hash entries for files in the specified HPSS path(s)

-S : disable staging of the source file (attempts to read directly from tape)

-T on|off [future] explicitly use or disable Transfer Agent I/O.

provides sh-style "here"document syntax for specifying filenames.

  • MARKER may optionally be preceded by one or more spaces following the here document sentinel "<<".
  • Lines following the MARKER, which must be the last item on the line, contain pathname(s) (which may include wildcards).
  • The list is terminated by a line containing MARKER as the first token on the line.
See the examples below.



Usage Notes:

  • The -A option is usually the default, but may be disabled in the hsirc file

  • This command requires read access to the file in order to generate the hash checksum.

  • The HPSS Transfer Agent does not currently support checksum hashes


  1. Create a checksum hash for all " .c " files in the current directory
    hashcr *.c
  2. Create a checksum for the files F1 - F5 using HERE-document syntax
        hashcreate << EOF
        F1 F2 F3

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