HSI Version: 



Displays a list of active HPSS server connections 



Command Format: 

{lscon[nections] | showc[on]}





Usage Notes: 

The output from this command is a list of the currently active connections. The current active connection is marked by the arrow symbol ("->") preceding the logical drive letter. 



An example output is shown below:


List of Currently Active Connections

Current default connection handle: 3

       Han-    Remote          Remote             HSM  Fire- I/O    Ctl   Data Port  Cmd

Drive  dle    IP Address       Hostname          Level wall  Mode   Port   Min  Max Count


  S:   1        4.1.4  off normal  1219     0 65535  6

         HomeDir: /users/sdsc/gleicher

         pwd0: /users/sdsc/gleicher

->C:   3   4.1.2  on extended 1219     0 65535  3

         HomeDir: /home/gleicher

         pwd0: /home/gleicher

The columns in the display are:

Drive - logical drive letter assigned to the connection 

Handle - internally assigned handle for the connection. This field is used for debugging, and is normally not useful in any other context. 

Remote IP Address - Internet address of the server host for the connection 

Remote Hostname - Hostname of the server host for the connection 

HSM Level - The release level of the Hierachical Storage Manager system that HSI is communicating with. (For release 2.6 of HSI, the HSM system is HPSS). 

Firewall - Displays the current firewall setting, which controls the I/O mode that HSI uses for data transfers. 

I/O mode - Will be "normal" if firewall mode is "off", and "extended" if firewall mode is "on" 

Ctl Port - the port number used for the TCP/IP connection to the server 

Data Port (min,max) - displays the port range used if HSI is operating in an environment that makes use of restricted ports for data transfers. 

Cmd Count - a count of HSI commands that have been issued for this connection 

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