MGET Command

HSI Version: 



Retrieves a copy of a file from HPSS to your local file space on the host system (same as GET command), with interactive prompt to confirm "get" of each file.



Command Format: 

mget[]  [-B | -b] [-C] [-h] [-L ofs path] [-N] [-o] [-O srcofs:sinkofs:length]

        [-P | -p] [-R | -r] [-S]  [-t] [-U | -u] [path ...] [<<MARKER] 


-B | -b : backup option. Renames any existing local file by appending "~". (This option may not be used with -L,-t, or -O)

-C : cache purge option. If specified, purge files from HPSS disk cache after a successful get. Normally used only when it's expected that files will only be fetched once (or infrequently), to help optimize disk cache use.

-h : symlink option. If specified, create local symlink if HPSS symlink. If not set, reads through HPSS symlinks when copying files to local filesystem

-L : pathname of a file containing lists of partial file offsets, in the form specified by -O (see below). Multiple entries per line may be specified. -O option(s), if any, are processed before any -L entries

-N : disable auto-scheduling of retrievals. Default is to schedule retrievals in an optimal way so as to minimize HPSS tape mounts

-O : partial file transfer. "srcofs" is the source file offset, "sinkofs" is the sink file offset, "length" is the transfer length. Missing options use defaults (src: 0, sink: 0, length: entire file). "CP" or "0CP" (case-insensitve) can be used to specify "current position". Multiple -O options may be specified, and are processed in order. Offsets may specified with case-insensitive suffixes "k", "kb",etc.

-P | -p : preserve timestamp. Attempts to copy HPSS file's timestamp to local file.

-R | -r : recursively fetch directories

-S : disable staging of the source file (attempts to read directly from tape). Users having trouble retrieving files over 25 GB in size may wish to use the -S option for the get or mget commands. The -S option was added to allow users to disable staging files from tape, specifically for this type of situation.

-t : "re-get" option. Restart a previously failed operation. This is equivalent to "-O sizeof(localfile):sizeof(localfile):0". Note: -t may not be used with -O or -L

-U | -u : update option. Only copy file from HPSS if local file timestamp is older

MARKER : provides sh-style "here"-document syntax for specifying filenames. Lines following the MARKER, which must be the last token on the line, contain pathname (which may include wildcards). The list is terminated by a line containing MARKER as the first token on the line. If -O,-L is specified, offsets apply only to the first file transferred.



Usage Notes: 

Interactive prompting can be toggled with the PROMPT command. 


mget *

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