PLOCK Command

HSI Version: 



Marks files as non-purgeable from the disk cache in which they reside



Command Format: 

plo[ck] [-h] [-L] [-P][-R] [-s] path ...


-h : read through symlinks as if they were regular files/directories [default: ignore symlinks]

-L : operate on normal PURGELOCK flag (the default if neither -L nor -P is specified)

-P : operate on the SUPER PURGELOCK flag (this option is restricted to authorized users)

-R : recursively traverse directories in the specified path(s)

-s : prestage files if necessary prior to locking 



Usage Notes: 

-L and -P are mutually exclusive options.

- This command should be used judiciously, as it may cause the disk cache to fill up with files that are not purgeable. Some sites may choose to disable this command - check with your site administrator to determine the local site policy for the use of this command.


plo -R aproject_dir

Related Command(s): 

PUNLOCK, LS (-U option)