News - HSI 6.2.0.p0,6.0.0.p10/HSI 5.0.2.p9

Announcing HSI 6.2.0.p0 (HPSS 7.5.2),

6.0.0.p10 (HPSS 7.5.1),

  HSI 5.0.2.p9 (HPSS.7.4.3) 

(Aug 14, 2018) 

New HSI Versions are now available for HPSS sites as follows:

  • HSI Version 6.2.0.p0 is now available for HPSS 7.5.2 sites.
  • HSI 6.0.0.p9 is now available for HPSS Release 7.5.1 sites. 
  • HSI 5.0.2.p8 is now available for HPSS Release 7.4.3 sites.


HSI and HTAR support is no longer provided directly by Gleicher Enterprises.  
As of March 8 2017, HSI/HTAR support for HPSS sites is transitioning to the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC).  See the HSI support page for more information or to open a ticket to request a copy of the software.

New Features in 6.2.0.p0

6.2.0 is a new release that works with HPSS 7.5.2, and contains all the bugfixes and enhancements that were included in 6.0.0.p10.

New Features in 6.0.0.p10

The primary additions/changes in this release are:

  • HSI 'stage' command now waits by default until all background stages have been completed.  A new '-c' command options is available to cause it to return immediately after starting a background staging session, as per earlier versions.  In addiition, HSI will not terminate the program if a background staging session is active - interactive users are prompted in this case to wait or exit immediately. 
  • HSI 'stage' command also has new options to display background staging statistics and interactive notifications from the autoscheduler as background stages complete.
  • Bugfixes for problems that surfaced in the HSI Autoscheduler background staging enhancements in 6.0.0.p9,
  • Support for building with newer versions of OpenSSL (1.10 and beyond). Earlier versions of OpenSSL (0.95+) continue to be supported.  There are no interoperability issues between versions, so, for example, clients built with OpenSSL 0.95 can communicate with an HSI Gateway built with OpenSSL 1.12, or vice-versa.

New Features in 5.0.2.p9

  • 5.0.2.p9 primarily contains changes to support building with OpenSSL 1.10+ as well as earlier versions 0.95 - 1.0.x.

All versions also contain bugfixes for problems that have shown up in earlier versions, and and we encourage all sites to upgrade to the new version.  


A list of the changes in these releases can be found here.

Note that HSI for HPSS 7.4.3 is now in maintenance mode, and no new features will be added to this version.

Sites are strongly encouraged to upgrade to HPSS 7.5.2 as soon as possible in order to take advantage of the many new features that have been added to HPSS and HSI.

Obtaining the HSI/HTAR Software

HPSS site administrators can obtain the HSI/HTAR software by submitting a support request ticket via the HSI Bugs/Support Page.