Version Release Notes 

The following changes are included in the Patch 2 release:


- re-enable SAN3P support for readlist/writelist transfers

- fix problems with spaces in pathnames for 'cd' command

- fix problems with compile-time global hsirc path

- launch transfer progress thread during file copy operations

- fix segfault in 'cp' command

- fix incorrect 'cannot overwrite' error in 'cp' command

- fix warning message that is erroneously issued on an unrecovered EIO error

- support the <cksum_enabled> and <cksum_type> fields in site stanzas within the global and private hsirc files

- support server-side max Mib per IOD setting


- fix hangs due to mover connection table overflows

- add missing prototype for hear_ExpandTemplatePath

- support server-side max Mib per IOD setting

HSI Gateway (server)

 - fix compile-time problem with HSIGW_HOSTS_FILE option

 - change STAT_STRUCT to HSI_STAT_STRUCT in function prototypes


 - fix XDR_DEV_T macro for 32-bit MacOSX systems

 - fix sprintf vs fprintf problem in xdr error message code

  - support use of getspnam() call to obtain shadow password info on Linux systems when using system passwd/shadow files

 HSI Gateway (client)

- issue error message if keytab has non-owner permissions