HSI Release Notes

HSI Version is now available.  This is a maintenance release that primarily fixes 

bugs that have been discovered since the last maintenance release.

HPSS Version(s):

This release is for sites that are running HPSS 7.3.x - it will NOT work with HPSS 7.4.

Note that HPSS 7.4 is now available, and requires HSI 5.0.0.p1 or higher.

Obtaining the Release:

NOTE: This software is no longer available 

The following changes are included in the release:

HSI (client)

  • In firewall mode, do not call hpss_SetCOSByHints if filesize is 0
  • Fix issues with direct-to-tape EOM for striped storage classes
  • fix 'ls' problem: empty directory names not being buffered (hsi gateway bug)
  • put -U bug - time stamp comparison is backward
  • fix problem with retrieving files containing gaps from HPSS

HSI Client Library

  • fix segfault in when issuing san3p error message

HSI Gateway Server

  • Add syslog logging for the xferlog
  • add optional environment setting for the exec path for the kchild/gsichild programs

New/Changed Configuration Settings

1. A new HPSS.conf configuration item was added to specify the syslog facility used when logging

transfer messages that are normally written to the “xferlog” file in /var/hpss/ndapi/xferlog.

This item is only used if syslog logging is enabled when the HSI Gateway server is started.

The new substanza is specified in the HSIGWD stanza as follows, with a default value of “local1” unless

overridden in the server-side HPSS.conf file:

          # Xferlog Facility specifies the facility name to use for file transfer logging

     # if SYSLOG logging is enabled. 

     # The default is no syslog logging.  Legal values are (case-sensitive)

     #     syslog, user local0,local1,local2,local3,local4,local5,local6, or local7

     ;Xferlog Facility = local1