HSI 5.0.2.p8 Release Notes

Changes in this release (HSI 5.0.2.p5-p8)


  • BZ0191: ignoring SIGHUP causes infinite 100% loop if parent is killed
  • BZ0194: cleanup internal TA xfer entry during transfer_t entry cleanup
  • BZ0233: disable checksumming on transfers that use the Transfer Agent
  • BZ0240: fix problem with server-side commands not being sent to the gateway
  • BZ0242: wait for queued/active xfers complete before starting recursion
  • BZ0244: hsi reads through symlink on 'put' of existing HPSS-symlink
  • BZ0253: fix bug: 'umask = 0' in hsirc is being ignored

HSI Gateway

  • BZ0203: Fix FreeBSD compile error: "malloc.h" unavailable
  • BZ0236: fix hang in inbound message processing for dialog messages
  • BZ0203: fix segfault in symlink if symlink already exists
  • BZ0266:  fix 'ln' problems if target is a directory
  • BZ0277: fix "ls -1" problems with filenames containing '%' characters


  • BZ0235: fix problem with verify failures when uid/gid truncated on create
  • BZ0265: htar message has misleading newline when logging paths that are too long
  • BZ0275: htar allows more than 2^32-1 objects in an archive

HSI Libraries

  • BZ0252: Fix race condition and missing pthread error checks

HSI Build Process

  • BZ0254: Configure does not correctly check for libcom_err in $krb_base/lib64