HSI 6.0.0.p8 Release Notes

Changes in releases 6.0.0.p5 - 6.0.0.p8 


BZ0248 - fix problems in HTAR exclude feature, add exclude-msgs htarrc option


BZ0251 - fix unsatisfied external reference introduced with file expiration feature 


BZ0252 - Fix race condition, missing pthread error checks

BZ0253 - 'umask = 0' in hsirc is being ignored

BZ0254 - Configure does not correctly check for libcom_err in $krb_base/lib64

BZ0260 - HSI should not attempt to verify/create checksums for hash type = "none” 

BZ0261 - wrong pathname used in error message after hpss_HashCreate error


BZ0233 - disable checksumming on transfers that use the Transfer Agent

BZ0247 - hsi uses wrong format to display umask when obtained from gateway

BZ0262 - background staging enhancements - multiple concurrent VVs,

         override for max concurrent stages for aggregates

BZ0265 - htar message has misleading newline when logging paths that are too long

BZ0266 - fix 'ln' problems if target is a directory

BZ0267 - fix segfault in symlink if symlink already exists

BZ0271 - HSI can segfault due to xfer queue cleanup at the wrong time if 'interrupted' set